Company Case Studies

Here’s a list of our case studies and videos which describe some of our work, services and company in more detail. Grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

Case Study: Centrica Power Station – Fuel Uplift

Watch the video of our case study at the Centrica Power Station which details a range of Environmental Services that we carry out. Our fuel uplift service ensured surplus gas oil was recovered in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner and turned into potential revenue.

Click here to find out more about the fuel uplift at Centrica Power Station.

Case Study: Fuel Polishing

Have you been storing fuel for a long period of time? Did you know that your fuel can become contaminated over time? Check out our fuel polishing video for a detailed insight into what’s involved and how it can help your business.

Case Study: Fuel Uplift and Transfer on a Marine Tank

Every day is different here at Crown Environmental. On Monday, our engineers could have a fuel polishing job at a school in Scotland and on Tuesday, a huge uplift job on a large ferry at a busy port. Click on the link to read what’s involved in a fuel uplift and transfer.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Emergency Fuel Supply

Many businesses that rely on fuel to keep their operations running smoothly don’t stop after the standard 8-5 day, particularly the healthcare industry. Click on the link to find out how we saved the day at a pharmaceutical company.