Fuel System Inspection Services

Our Fuel System Inspections are vital for fuel-dependent businesses and involve a suite of 60 checks to help prevent the risk of downtime Call 0330 123 3399 to protect your assets.

Protect Your Assets with An Annual Fuel System Inspection (FSI)

At Crown Oil Environmental, we know the importance of regular fuel system maintenance which is why we’re proud to offer Fuel System Inspections for businesses across the UK.

This service involves carrying out a suite of tests to check every aspect of your tank, pipework and fuel infrastructure, helping to ensure optimum performance and eliminate the risk of site downtime.

Why do I need a Fuel System Inspection?

As a fuel user, you have a legal duty to put measures in place to avoid environmental damage. The Environmental Agency can and do regularly impose large fines on businesses who have failed to prevent leaks and spills.

All responsible organisations should operate a planned preventative maintenance programme for fuel pipelines and tank testing to eliminate any issues before they impact the business and the environment.

Our Fuel System Inspections enable you to look after your assets by putting an annual maintenance plan in place. They should be completed every 12 months as part of a pre-planned maintenance programme.

What’s included in our Fuel System Inspections?

Our Fuel System Inspections involve a 60-point check of the fuel storage system. To begin, our highly qualified engineers will visually inspect the fuel supply lines, return lines, filters and fittings for leaks, as well carry out fuel sampling to identify any defects in your fuel system.

We’ll then provide a detailed site report which gives you a complete overview of your current installation, together with recommendations and any compliance issues found. If the FSI flags tank concerns, then further investigation by NDT inspection would be recommended.

Benefits of our Fuel System Inspections

  • Peace of mind that your assets are protected with an annual maintenance plan
  • End-to-end service with support from the industry’s experts
  • UK-wide service available for a range of sectors
  • Helps you avoid huge costs to repair or replace your fuel/tank

What are the symptoms of fuel system issues?

Fuel issues can be experienced in many ways. Some of these symptoms are often disregarded, or overlooked, while other symptoms can be severe and hard to ignore. Not only can these failures be costly to repair, but these failures can lead to unplanned downtime, wreaking havoc in your organisation.

  • Clogged fuel filters
  • Clogged fuel injectors
  • Clogged or leaking fuel lines
  • Cloudy appearance of fuel
  • Corroded or rusting tanks
  • Fuel leaks/spills
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
Fuel Testing

What costs can occur if I don’t maintain my fuel system?

Unfortunately, the consequences of a badly maintained fuel system are two-fold – if your tank is compromised and fuel leaks into the nearby environment, the costs to rectify are huge, including fuel and tank replacement, voided insurance premiums and a damaged reputation.

Regular planned preventative maintenance is key in avoiding the high reactive costs incurred from failing to take care of your fuel system.

How often should fuel systems be inspected for leaks and damage?

Luckily, many of these failures can be prevented through regular fuel testing and tank inspections. We recommend that our Fuel System Inspections are carried out every year to give you complete peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected.

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