Technical Advice

With so many varieties and uses for oil and fuel, it can be a daunting task getting the correct information about yours. That’s why here at Crown Oil Environmental, we have technical advisors on hand should you require specialist help with anything regarding your fuel and oil. This service isn’t just for our customers. If you have purchased your fuel elsewhere but would like to know more about it or how to protect it, you can call us for technical help and guidance on 0330 123 3399.

Fuel polishing help

Our technical advisors can support you with a wide range of advice on fuel cleaning queries. You may have been recently told that your fuel requires polishing and you may want to find out from a specialist if this is true. Call us with any questions about fuel polishing.

Fuel transfer advice

Would you like to speak with a fuel transfer specialist? We can provide technical advice for your fuel transfers and uplifts and offer advice for best practices, solutions and costs.

Help with oil testing & analysis

Have you received results from oil tests and unsure what to do next? Our technical advice team can discuss results and decide what the best course of action is moving forward. We can also explain the benefits of testing and analysis for fuels.

Advice on tank installations

Are you thinking about installing a new tank and not quite sure who to speak to? Call our team today for up to the minute advice on tank installations. Installing the wrong tank can be a costly mistake so making sure you’re getting the correct information from the specialists is key.

Tank cleaning information

Tank cleaning is an important job which is often overlooked but in reality, needs performing on a regular basis. From looking after your fuel to keeping the environment safe from leaks, Crown Oil Environmental, can help you make the right choice regarding fuel tank hygiene.

Fuel tank testing

Want to make sure that your tank is in full working order? Our fuel tank testing service will give your tank a thorough inspection to make sure it’s safe and secure, with no risk of leaking or contamination.

Advice on tank decommissioning

Are you thinking of removing or decommissioning your fuel tank but don’t know where to get the best advice? Crown Oil Environmental’s technical advisors can guide you in the right direction with a fuel tank decommission project.

What to do with contaminated fuel

If you believe your fuel has been contaminated and would like to seek technical advice for the next steps you need to take, please call us urgently on 0330 123 3399.

Oil spill technical advice

In the event of an oil spill, it’s important to obtain the correct advice quickly and in plain English. Our technical advisors are here to help you prepare for the arrival of a rapid response oil spill team to clean up any accidents.

Need additional fuel oil advice regarding a matter which isn’t listed? Call our expert team today on 0330 123 3399, we can help with most fuel oil questions!