Planned Preventative Maintenance

At Crown Oil Environmental, we come across a lot of damage to machinery, fuel spills and many more costly problems each day. Even though we offer services to help fix these problems, the last thing we want is you dealing with them in the first place.

In order to reduce the impact or avoid these unfortunate circumstances, Crown Oil Environmental offer you and your business Planned Preventative Maintenance!

What Crown Oil Environmental offer…

  • Emergency Oil Spill Clean-up & Contingency Planning
  • Oil / Fuel Storage Surveys & Maintenance
  • Emergency Fuel Deliveries (24-hours 365 days)
  • Fuel Polishing & Hygiene
  • Fuel Testing & Analysis
  • Storage Compliance for Hazardous Materials

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So, what exactly is Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?

Planned preventative maintenance is designed to help businesses in a wide variety of sectors reduce the amount of cost and time associated with generator sets and plant breaking due to lack of care. Having a clearly defined plan in place to maintain machinery when it is required and to know what you need to do in the event of a spillage can drastically reduce future repair/replacement costs and possible trouble with environmental agencies and government bodies.

Planned– By planning ahead for maintenance, you can intercept problems before they become issues. Having a structured plan whereby you can monitor the performance of plant and machinery over time gives you much more control over your business’ operations.

Preventative– Preventing unwanted plant breakdowns, downtime and additional repair or replacement costs are just a handful of benefits to PPM.

Maintenance– General maintenance, as and when it required, will improve the efficiency, performance and end results of your plant and machinery.

It may seem obvious but, you’d be surprised how many units of plant and machinery are left to run into the ground nationwide. It’s never a problem until it’s a problem and the savings you can make from these simple steps far out-weight the costs of implementation.

Whatever sector your business comes under, call us today on 0330 123 3399 for a no-obligation chat about your current setup.