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As they say, prevention is often better than the cure and when it comes to fuel storage tanks, it’s no different. A poorly maintained and neglected industrial fuel storage tank can be dangerous and expensive to restore back to compliant standards. Without regular cleaning, over time, fuel contaminants can decrease a tank’s integrity, leading to an increased likelihood of spills.

Crown Oil Environmental undertakes all types of tank cleaning and fuel contamination services, from man-entry to advanced automatic cleaning and robotic tank cleaning of chemical and water tanks. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to clean any size and type of tank, regardless of your location within the UK. All our services can be tailored to any application to keep your fuel oil and site storage area clean and safe.

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Why is planned preventative maintenance of fuel tanks important?

It should be an essential part of any planned preventative maintenance programme to help reduce the risk of fuel contamination, sludge build-up, tank corrosion and environmental damage.

Sludge build-up can block the tank’s outlet which makes the vessels dangerous, damaging their efficiency and harming the stored contents. Our engineers can handle everything from start to finish, minimising any environmental impact or disruption to your services.

Before any work can begin, your fuel will be tested at our onsite laboratory to determine the condition of your fuel system. We’ll then we’ll advise you on the best course of action in a detailed report. For example, if your fuel contains a small number of contaminants, we may be able to polish it back to optimum performance.

In most cases, we’ll uplift your fuel and reimburse you for your contaminated supply then deliver a fresh batch straight into your newly cleaned tank. This is often the most cost-effective route to take.

What can industrial tank cleaning help with?

  • Clean and clear out tanks when switching fuel products
  • Help prevent issues with fuel contamination
  • Checking your tank internally for damage
  • The safe transportation of fuels or tanks
  • Regular maintenance to extend your tank and fuel’s shelf life
  • The decommissioning of your tank

Why use industrial tank cleaning services?

  • Our fast UK-wide response team can reach you within hours
  • 24/7 emergency oil spill clean-up service and contingency planning
  • In-house waste uplift service and nationwide oil deliveries streamline the process and avoid having to coordinate multiple parties
  • Qualified specialists to provide advice on storing and handling oils safely
  • Engineers have the qualifications to ensure any challenges are addressed, such as confined spaces and hard to reach areas
  • Access to a wide range of fuels and tank cleaning equipment

Industrial Tank Cleaning FAQs

What does tank cleaning involve?

Before a tank can be cleaned, our engineers will visit your site, discuss your requirements and inspect your fuel storage system to determine the most cost-effective solution. This ensures we can diagnose and repair any storage tank faults with minimal disruption.

We will also take samples from the top, middle and bottom of your tank to determine the condition of your fuel system. We can then advise you on the best course of action in a detailed report.

In most cases, we’ll uplift your fuel and reimburse you for your contaminated supply before performing the full tank cleaning, then deliver a fresh batch straight into your newly restored tank. This is often the most cost-effective route to take.

What happens if my tank is too corroded to clean?

We will never conduct a tank clean if your tank is too corroded or badly damaged as this would be a waste of time and money. Instead, we could recommend replacing it with a compliant tank to ensure the stored products do not leak into the nearby environment.

Is tank cleaning safe?

Crown Oil Environmental’s engineers are highly skilled and experienced, with all the appropriate confined space qualifications to work safely in high-risk environments. They are equipped with all the necessary PPE, gas monitoring and emergency rescue equipment, as well as the required risk assessments and method statements.

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