Tank Decommissioning

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Oil Tank Decommissioning & Fuel Tank Removal

Do you have an old fuel or oil tank that’s no longer in use? Crown Oil Environmental is a UK leader in the decommissioning of above and underground oil tanks. Our in-house team of engineers carry out all works to the highest safety whilst minimising disruption to our customers’ operations.

Whether we decommission your tank via foam filling, which enables you to reuse your tank at a later date, using concrete to permanently put your tank out of use or we remove it altogether, we are highly experienced in ensuring your vessel is safe and inert.

tank decommissioning

What is fuel tank decommissioning?

Tank decommissioning is the securing of an oil tank which is no longer required by degassing it before removing it or filling it with an inert substance to prevent it from regassing over time. We offer several types of tank decommissioning, including foam filling and tank removal.

Why do fuel tanks need to be decommissioned?

Fuel storage tanks corrode or rust at speed, determined by factors such as the quality of the stored fuel, the tank thickness, age and damage it undergoes over time. This rust and corrosion result in holes and leaks in the tank walls which are an environmental concern in terms of the fuel leaking into nearby soil or groundwater. Safely decommissioning your tank before you reach that point will save you the high costs and inconvenience of a fuel spill clean-up.

Aside from a failing tank, there are other reasons to decommission a tank, including the closure of petrol stations, upgrading to new storage systems, site relocation or simply due to the owners no longer requiring the fuel tanks on a temporary basis. If the oil is simply left in the tank, it can begin to corrode or degrade over time which can pose a risk to the environment. Therefore, the liquid and gases stored in tanks need to be fully removed.

Oil tank decommissioning process

Foam filling

Foam filling is a flexible, safe and reversible solution which involves filling a tank with RG22 foam. This product is light enough to not damage the tank but also provides reinforcement, enabling the tank to withstand external damage.

Tank foam filling is one of the least disruptive methods of decommissioning an oil tank and can be removed in the future if you wish to put your tank back into use. It’s an extremely popular service with our forecourt customers due to the complete flexibility and more cost-effective nature when compared to full tank removal.

Tank removal

If you no longer need the tank then removal is the safest method as it eliminates the hazard at source. Our engineers are highly experienced in removing old and damaged tanks from sites across the UK, disposing of them whilst adhering to all the required regulations. Regardless of whether you operate a large commercial steel tank or a domestic plastic tank, our experts can safely degas your tank(s) with minimal disruption.

Tank decommissioning by removal begins with a fuel uplift following by a tank clean to remove any remnants. Our engineers can carry out all of these services in-house, streamlining the entire process and providing end-to-end project management and support.

Concrete filling

Concrete filling tanks is a permanent solution to degas a tank, rendering it inoperable. This is typically used in old, underground commercial fuel tanks. This method, however, makes it hard to remove the tank once filled.

Thorough tank cleaning

Tank decommissioning involves the removal of all traces of liquid fuels, fumes and waste from the inside of the tank before it can be taken away. Tanks that store oil are classed as hazardous until they have been professionally cleaned. Our experts carry out industrial tank cleaning for a wide range of businesses across the UK. Visit our tank cleaning page for more information.

Oil tank decommissioning process

  1. Site visit and survey: Before we can decommission your tank, our experts will visit your site to carry out a site survey to investigate your tank’s history, its condition and the surrounding area.
  2. Quotation: You’ll then receive a full quotation for the tank decommissioning process. We will always endeavour to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet your exact requirements. This also includes determining the best decommissioning service, whether that’s foam filling, concrete filling or tank removal.
  3. Planning: Our team will meticulously plan the entire process to ensure that it causes as little disruption as possible to your operations.

4. Fuel uplift and tank clean: Our fully accredited team will then remove any liquid fuels, residue and gases from your tank, providing you with a gas-free certificate and a consignment note for all liquid fuels removed. We will then clean the tank to the highest standard.

5. Tank filling or removal: We will then either fill your tank with RG22 foam or remove it entirely from your site.

Why choose us for your tank removal?

Our experts have been providing specialist tank decommissioning and removal services across the UK for over 75 years, whilst ensuring that all hazardous materials are removed and disposed of responsibly.

Every tank decommissioning job we undertake is carried out to the required industry and environmental standards. We always keep safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds.

Like with all of our environmental services, we will fully assess the job at hand before committing to any kind of tank decommissioning work. That way, you can be sure that the service you receive will be provided based on an informed site survey and investigation of your tank removal or decommissioning requirements.

  • 75 years’ experience
  • In-house team
  • End-to-end project management
  • Team of specialists
  • Commercial & domestic tank removal
  • UK-wide service

Oil tank decommissioning specialists

When considering a tank decommissioning service, the three most important factors to consider are service accreditation, safety and minimal environmental impact. At Crown Oil Environmental, we can guarantee all three.

We have over 75 years’ experience in efficiently and safely decommissioning fuel tanks for business and domestic customers alike. If you require the safe removal of a storage tank from your site or home, or the foam filling of one of your above or underground tanks, then we can help.

How much does tank decommissioning or removal cost?

As with all our services, no two jobs are the same. All our tank removal and decommissioning quotes are tailored to your site’s fuel storage and your needs. Foam filling is a more cost-effective solution than a full tank removal, but the proposed service will depend on your specific requirements.

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We are passionate about providing excellent service at all times and our commitment to customer care makes us the perfect choice for your environmental service requirements.

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