Nationwide Red Diesel / Gas Oil Collection

Need to Sell Your Unused Red Diesel / Gas Oil?

Whatever the reason for no longer requiring red diesel, you have a legal duty to ensure any waste fuels and oils are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Our fuel uplift service is available for businesses across the UK that need to move fuel from tank-to-tank, site-to-site or to remove it completely.

Our engineers have all of the available equipment to help ensure the whole process is handled quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your business.

You might need your old storage tank to be decommissioned because you no longer have use for the fuel or you might be planning to replace an old storage tank either on the same premises or at another location. Whatever your reasons for disposing of red diesel, we can help.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can collect your red diesel (gas oil) quickly and safely, along with our wide range of environmental services. We will pay you the best rates on all your waste fuels.

To learn more about our services, give our expert team a call today on 0330 123 3399 to see how we can help you with your unrequired red diesel (gas oil).

Do you have other fuels and oils that you need to sell?

Although many of our customers contact us to discuss the collection and removal of red diesel, this is not the only fuel type we can help you with. In fact, the majority of old and unused fuels and oils can be collected from your premises.

So long as you have at least 1,000 litres of the fuel or oil that you no longer require, we will pay you the best rates on all of your waste fuels and ensure they are conveniently removed from your premises.

Surplus fuels and oils we can collect from your site:

  • Diesel, white diesel, DERV (road diesel)
  • Red diesel, gas oil, tractor diesel (agricultural diesel)
  • Kerosene, kero
  • Industrial heating Oil (IHO)
  • Generator fuel, industrial fuel, commercial fuel
  • Biofuel, biodiesel

Our collection is a quick and efficient process when using Crown Oil Environmental. We have years of experience with fuel and oil collections and our prices are always competitive.

How does our fuel uplift service work?

  • Our engineers will visit your site and conduct a full site survey and technical evaluation of the stored fuel, including its condition and the best method of recovery
  • We will then devise a plan, using risk assessments to ensure the best and least disruptive course of action is taken
  • Our engineers will then remove the fuel and pump it into one of our tankers to safely transport it from your site. If suitable for reuse, we will release it into the market and arrange payment
  • We will always remove any tank residues, degas the tank if needed and either decommission it to prevent future use or remove the tank from your site

To learn more about our red diesel (gas oil) fuel collection services, give our expert team a call today on 0330 123 3399 to see how we can help you with your unrequired fuels and to see what price we’ll pay for your fuel or oil collection.

Prevention is better than a cure

Proactivity is key when storing fuel. Our fuel testing services can look for any issues with your fuel before they become an expensive problem, such as application damage or failure.

Stay compliant
Save money
Avoid downtime
Reduce risk
Uphold reputation

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