Industrial Fuel Tank Lining

Fuel tank Lining – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Tank Replacement

Tank lining is a cost-effective solution to safeguard your storage tank for longevity whilst ensuring it remains compliant.

Old tanks are all too often abandoned, when in fact they can provide an effective service for years to come. Crown Oil Environmental specialises in restoring old tanks back to their former glory using protective coatings and linings to safeguard them from the damaging effects of abrasive or corrosive environments.

We have revitalised and prolonged thousands of tanks across a range of sectors including forecourts which would have otherwise been destroyed. This helps to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of removing and installing a new one.

What is tank lining?

Converting single wall tanks into double wall tanks – In accordance with Standard UNE 53.991

Fuel tank lining, also known as a double wall system, is essentially the construction of a double wall tank inside of an existing tank to safeguard it for longevity. It involves repairing and coating the vessel using fibreglass and polyester resins to verify its integrity while ensuring it remains compliant.

Tank lining essentially creates a double wall system that adheres to UN 53935 and UNE 62422 standards to prolong the life of the fuel storage tank in terms of its mechanical and chemical resistance. This creates an internal bund to contain the stored liquid within the vessel to avoid any leaks while protecting the existing substrate from further damage. Incorporating a permanent leak detection system, it will alarm the user of any issues, whilst also providing an additional layer of protection against tank breaches.

5 reasons to choose tank lining with Crown Oil Environmental:

  • Avoids the high costs of a full tank replacement
  • No need for projects, permits or building works
  • Prolongs the life of a storage tank system
  • Produced in accordance with UN 53935 and UNE 62422 standards
  • Conforms to BS EN 13160 – 2016

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Why choose tank lining?

As a fuel user, you have a legal duty to avoid leaks or spills, which means preventing corrosion or accidental damage to your tanks. The Environmental Agency can and do regularly impose large fines on businesses who have failed to put measures in place to protect the environment.

Leaks are often hard to detect before the damage has already been done, particularly in underground storage tanks, which highlights the importance of periodic checks.

Our double-skin tank enhancement service is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of tanks to ensure they remain compliant until they are replaced, decommissioned or reused. It extends their life and brings them in line with current guidance without the considerable downtime, disruption and expense of tank replacement.

We’re proud to use the industry’s best and most innovative equipment to provide the highest technological and quality standards. Plus, thanks to our extensive experience and confined space qualifications, we can offer the best solution for your requirements.

Benefits of a double wall system

  • Single-walled tanks are transformed into double-walled tanks onsite – avoids the need for projects, permits and building works
  • Double wall and installation of a permanent leak detector – provides a reliable and permanent leak detection system
  • Can be installed in any type of new/old, under/aboveground fibre or steel tank
  • Prevents subsoil contamination in the event of a leak or defect on the interior and exterior walls
  • If the exterior tank wall perforates, there is an additional containment lining that protects the interstitial chamber

Tank lining FAQs

How does tank lining work?

Installing a double wall system helps to prevent leaks and subsequently subsoil contamination due to its monitored interstitial chamber amidst other components.

In the unfortunate event of a leak, through the installation of a leak detection system, a visible and/or audible signal is produced, which establishes a permanent control and protection system of the tank.

Once the double containment system is complete, the permanent leak detection system is built on the detection chamber. It’s authorised and approved in line with the European standard EN-UNE 13160, according the construction type. This could be:

  • by vacuum or pressure
  • by liquid – the liquid in the detection chamber will be in line with the standard UNE 62350 – 4: 1999 of a type that is non-toxic. An anti-freeze is recommended (as a minimum of up to -20oC). This will have antibacterial additives, and be biodegradable and coloured to make the refilling of the interstitial chamber visible
What type of tanks can tank lining be applied to?

Thanks to our environmentally-friendly resin and tissues that stick to any surface, tank lining can be installed in any type of new/old, underground/above-ground steel or resin tank. All resins and fiberglass comply with standard UNE 53991.

Will tank lining disrupt my operations?

Most tank works require a cease in operations whilst carrying out a tank replacement. A huge benefit of using Crown Oil Environmental for tank lining services is that we can provide a temporary onsite tank to reduce the inconvenience of site downtime.

What three qualities should a tank lining have?
  1. The adherence (grip) of the material of the tank
  2. Chemical resistance so the stored fuel doesn’t break down the coating over time
  3. Mechanical resistance to remove any cracks, pores or bubbles in the tank’s skin and reinforce the structural strength of the tank

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How much does tank lining cost?

Our tank lining system is one of the most advanced, reliable and innovative systems available on the market today. As such, there is no set price for the cost of having a double wall system applied to your tank; variables such as tank size, access and the level of repairs required all play a part in our pricing structure.

However, tank lining is a significantly cheaper option than a full tank replacement – often a fraction of the cost for replacing underground tanks, which is why it’s being utilised to extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure.

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