Tank Foam Filling Services

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Tank Foam Filling – Rendering Used Tanks Safe & Stable

As leading experts in fuel tank decommissioning and removal, we offer foam filling services to ensure your tank can be rendered safe. If it’s not feasible to clean and physically remove an oil tank or if you want to use it later, our engineers can fill it using RG22 foam. This ensures that your old, unused oil tank is made safe and inert, without any remaining traces of flammable gases or explosive vapour.

Why choose foam filling?

A storage tank that’s no longer in use or has come to the end of its working life poses a risk to the environment and public safety. Even following proper cleaning and/or decommissioning of a tank, gases can still accumulate over time. That’s why redundant tanks must be removed or filled.

With foam filling, tanks can safely be decommissioned without disrupting your operations. That’s because, unlike concrete, there’s no need to degas a fuel tank before injecting the resin. The tank must simply be emptied beforehand as the foam will absorb any remaining hydrocarbons left in the tank, making the tank inactive and safe.

Another benefit of RG22 hard foam is that it provides additional flexibility. If you need to reuse your oil tank later down the line, the foam can be removed, and the tank cleaned and put back into use. With many other tank fill products, you must break the tank up. With RG22 hard foam, it can be easily removed. Although it’s light, its strength is great enough to withstand external factors even if the tank can’t, for example, if it’s rusted/deteriorated.

How does foam filling work?

Foam filling is used to decommission an oil tank by filling it with a specialised expanding foam material. It’s injected into the tank through a small opening and then expands to fill the entire space inside before hardening, effectively sealing it off from the outside environment and providing reinforcement to the tank’s structure.

Our experts will come to your site and carry out the work with little to no disruption in your operations. With over 75 years’ experience in the industry, there’s no one more qualified to safely decommission your tank.

Benefits of hard foam RG22

  • Light and affordable but still durable
  • Environmentally friendly, rot-proof and non-combustible
  • Resistant to inorganic solvents – completely safe installation process
  • Strong foam, capable of withstanding external factors, even after deterioration of the oil tank
  • Complete fill to prevent gas build-up
  • Absorption of hydrocarbons, preventing further soil pollution
  • Lightweight – easy destruction-free tank-removal

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