Fuel and Oil Analysis

On-Site and Off-Site Oil Analysis

Regular oil analysis is the most cost-effective planned preventative measure available for your machinery. Testing allows you to take action against any environmental threats before they develop into costlier problems in the future.

Oil analysis is easy to carry out and costs a fraction of the fuel remediation services you’ll need to implement if you neglect your fuel and allow it to deteriorate.

Keeping an eye on the quality of your oil and fuel through regular oil testing has never been so important. With the FAME content in fuels seemingly always on the rise, coupled with the ever reducing presence of sulphur levels, the risk of contamination to your fuel and oil is now higher than ever before.

With this service, we can keep a close eye on your fuel’s condition. This ensures your business is protected against any fuel-related threats to its ability to operate.

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Fuel & Oil Analysis includes:

✔ Density
✔ Viscosity
✔ ISO Cleanliness (Particulate Examination)
✔ Microbial Contamination Level
✔ Sulphur Content
✔ FAME Content
✔ Water Content
✔ Petrol Contamination (optional)

All of the above assessments are compiled into a simple and easy to interpret oil analysis report, empowering you with the knowledge to protect your business from any fuel related environmental hazards.

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