Diesel Fuel Gelling

Fuel Gelling Prevention

If you’re concerned about your diesel fuel gelling during a bout of icy weather, the team at Crown Oil Environmental can help.

We offer a range of effective preventative and remedial solutions to ensure your fuel supply system is never compromised by the cold.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards cold-proof fuel, call us now on 0845 877 8065.

What is fuel gelling?

Fuel gelling, also known as fuel waxing, is an environmental hazard that can affect fuel supply systems during periods of cold weather.

If the right preventative measures aren’t implemented, low temperatures will cause the paraffin wax content in your diesel fuel to solidify, clogging vital components in your fuel supply system and causing it to malfunction.

For this reason, every organisation which relies on diesel to power its operations should prioritise the prevention of fuel gelling, in order to avert the potential disruption to their business activities.


How can we help?

At Crown Oil Environmental, we have the knowledge and facilities to make sure your organisation’s fuel supply never succumbs to the threat of cold conditions.

Whether you want to completely prevent fuel gelling from occurring, or you fear the process may have already begun, we’re able to deliver the solution you need.

We’ll always begin with a fuel test to give us an accurate picture of the state of your fuel.


After testing your fuel, we’ll know which of the following measures your fuel will benefit from, including:

Preventative Measures

We believe prevention is better than a cure, which is why we always recommend the implementation of long-term anti-gelling measures to keep your fuel flowing smoothly.

  • Regular fuel oil testing
  • Anti-gelling additives

Remedial Services

If the process of fuel gelling has already begun, we’ll immediately begin the appropriate remedial course to make your fuel system reliable again.

  • Gelling reversal additives
  • Fuel polishing
  • Tank and pipework cleaning
  • Fuel uplift and replacement (in severe cases only)

When you’re ready to secure your fuel against the threat of cold weather, call 0845 877 8065 to speak with an advisor.