Waste Oil Collection in Manchester

Waste Oil Collection in Manchester

Crown Oil Environmental is a national planned preventative maintenance services provider that can ensure your commercial fuels are collected and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Based in Bury, Greater Manchester, we provide environmental services for Manchester businesses that are dependent on bulk fuel and oil storage, as well as waste oil collection and disposal from businesses across the UK. Our services include fuel uplifting, fuel polishing and waste fuel oil collection, among other services.

Please note, we are a bulk waste oil collection service with a minimum quantity of 2,000-litres and are unable to dispose of waste cooking oil or waste engine oil.

Oils and fuels we can collect in Manchester

Crown Oil Environmental provides bulk waste oil disposal for businesses across the Greater Manchester region, as well as the entire UK. Although we specialise in collecting waste oils, each case differs and the recovery of waste fuel oil or surplus fuels is dependent on fuel type and quantity.

The waste oil we collect is either sent for oil recycling or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. Our minimum quantity of waste fuel for collection and disposal is 2,000 litres, for the following fuels:

Diesel, white diesel, derv (road diesel)
Red Diesel, gas oil, tractor diesel (agricultural diesel)
Kerosene, kero, heating oil
Industrial heating oil (IHO)
Generator fuel, industrial fuel, commercial fuel
Biofuel, biodiesel

We are also able to help Manchester businesses dispose of other items and equipment they have on-site, such as:

Oily rags
Oily sludge
Interceptor collections
Gully sucking
Cutting oils
Transformer oil, insulating oil

With over 70 years’ experience providing waste and surplus oil recoveries, our oil recovery service is quick and efficient, and comes at competitive prices.

Ship waste oil collection, disposal and oil replacement in Manchester

Fuels and oils stored in vessels are easy victims of microbial contamination and frequently require checking for signs of diesel bug. Contaminated fuel will require a specialist to come and collect your ship’s waste oil and polish it – or if heavily contaminated, replace it and dispose of it responsibly.

If you’re docked in Manchester, Crown Oil Environmental is a proven provider of marine fuel uplift projects that can assist you with your marine craft’s fuel requirements.

Additional environmental oil services we provide in Manchester

Fuel Contamination
Fuel Oil Testing
Fuel Polishing
Fuel Uplift
Industrial Tank Cleaning
Marine Tank Cleaning and Fuel Uplift
Tank Inspections
Tank Decommissioning
Tank Installations
Waste Oil Collection Services

For a free quote on bulk oil collection and bulk oil disposal in Manchester, get in touch with us today on 0330 123 3399, to speak with one of our friendly team.