Data Centre Fuel Services

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Reliable fuel solutions to keep your business running smoothly

Your data centre is only as reliable as its backup power source and the fuel that feeds it. Crown Oil Environmental’s tailored data centre fuel services are essential to ensure smooth business operations and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

Power cuts are the biggest cause of unplanned downtime for a range of industries across the UK. If your backup power isn’t ready to take up the strain then a sudden outage can be devastating for both your data centre and your customers – that’s why it’s important to bolster the security of your diesel-powered backup generator with regular health checks, fuel reserve maintenance, and tank/pipework testing.

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Almost one-quarter of business generator failures are down to contaminated fuel, with IT downtime costing UK businesses around 300,000 hours per year (CA Technologies).

Our data centre fuel services

Crown Oil Environmental has a specialist Data Centre team that provide planned preventative measures, helping to ensure that your data centre maintains service levels without interruption caused by fuel failure. Our data centre fuel services include:

Find out how Kao Data benefited from our data centre services to increase backup resilience and improve sustainability in our case study

HVO transition service

Crown Oil Environmental is a leading provider of HVO transition services, designed to seamlessly switch your existing fuels for a renewable and sustainable diesel alternative: HVO.

Your HVO transition will be tailored to the exact needs of your business but can include a number of the services on this page depending on the status of your existing fuel infrastructure and the fuel itself.

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Contracted emergency deliveries

83% of global businesses are affected by unplanned downtime (Vanson Bourne Global Study)

Our priority fuel contracts provide peace of mind, covering your business against emergencies including blackouts, blockages in pipework, misfuelling incidents or any other problems that you might face.

Your account manager will discuss and agree every aspect of your agreement, ensuring that your agreement fits your business’ sites, runtimes and service level expectations.

Fuel oil testing

Diesel has a typical shelf life of up to a year – even the best quality fuels will degrade when they’re left dormant and unused. Over time sludge will begin to form, leading to tank corrosion and pipework clogging. That’s why regular fuel sampling and analysis must be an integral part of your fuel management plan and will ensure you’re never caught off guard by imperfections in your fuel.

With each test, our technicians will produce a comprehensive but easy-to-understand report, detailing its chemical composition, including:

  • Sulphur content
  • FAME content
  • Water content
  • Particulate content (ISO / NAS)
  • Density at 15 degrees Celsius
  • Viscosity at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Flashpoint
  • Microbial contamination level

This information will be presented to you in the form of a pass/fail/caution system, with any next steps or remedial actions detailed.

Fuel polishing for your backup generator

Fuel polishing, or fuel cleaning, is a key service for diesel-powered critical applications that eliminates a serious point of failure: fuel contamination. It’s completely non-disruptive and can enable continued use of your fuel whilst we polish it, depending on the severity of the contamination.

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Fuel uplift and replacement

If the quality of your fuel has degraded beyond repair, it’s critical for you to replace it as soon as possible before a power failure occurs and further damage is done to your system’s components.

Using our fuel uplift service, we can quickly and safely remove any quantity of contaminated diesel and replace it with a fresh supply, saving your operations from unreliable and potentially damaging fuels.

In-depth tank inspections

Your tanks and pipework are an essential but often overlooked part of your fuel infrastructure, without which your backup power couldn’t function for long.

Our qualified and experienced engineers are trained in a range of in-depth and accurate testing techniques. Each method is designed to diagnose issues with your infrastructure before they can compromise your operations. These include:

  • FSI – also known as Fuel System Inspection, this 60-point fuel system test checks every aspect of your tank, pipework and fuel infrastructure
  • Pressure tests – a common testing method on larger tanks both above and below ground
  • NDT – a comprehensive set of tests designed to inspect tank welds, metal thickness, stress fractures and overall tank conditions
  • EMMUA 159 – the gold standard of testing for larger tanks and hazardous sites.

Benefits of our Fuel System Inspections

  • Peace of mind that your assets are protected with an annual maintenance plan
  • End-to-end service with support from the industry’s experts
  • UK-wide service available for a range of sectors
  • Helps you avoid huge costs to repair or replace your fuel/tank

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