How to Dispose of Diesel Fuel

Dispose of Diesel Fuel

If you’re wondering how you can dispose of diesel fuel, then you have come to the right site. We can collect and dispose of your diesel safely and to government guidelines. In some circumstances, we might even be able to buy your waste diesel fuel from you.

* The minimum amount of waste fuel we will dispose of is 2,000 litres.

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Our Storage Tank Services

From the day you plan on purchasing your fuel storage tank to the day you replace or decommission it, installation, maintenance and hygiene will be important factors that better protect your fuel as well as save you money throughout its lifetime.

  • Install: Professional tank installations will reduce the risk of oil leaks and accidents.
  • Maintain: Improve oil tank life with our maintenance plan.
  • Clean: A dirty tank will contaminate clean fuels. Our oil tank cleaning will remove any deposits and find any issues; corrosion and internal damage.
  • Repair: Fixing problems early will result in reduced losses and costs. Our tank repair services are fast, flexible and low-cost.

Having a good idea of the responsibilities of owning a tank will better prepare you for when you come to buy a storage tank or take out a maintenance service.

If you would like to speak to our team regarding our storage tank services including cleaning, maintenance, repairs or installation, give our diesel disposal experts a call today on 0330 123 3399 for no obligation quote and to learn more.

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Prevention is better than a cure

Proactivity is key when storing fuel. Our fuel testing services can look for any issues with your fuel before they become an expensive problem, such as application damage or failure.

Stay compliant
Save money
Avoid downtime
Reduce risk
Uphold reputation

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