UK Waste Oil Collection – Sell to Us

If you’re wondering how you can dispose of your diesel, fuel oil, red diesel, kerosene or any other fuel you need to remove off-site, then you have come to the right place. We can collect and dispose of your fuel and even pay you for it if it’s in good enough condition to be recycled back into the market place.

Please note: The minimum amount of waste fuel we will buy is 2,000 litres. Call us now on 0845 877 8058 and speak with one of our fuel disposal experts.

We can dispose of fuel oil, red diesel, kerosene and heating oil

If you need to dispose of fuel oil, red diesel, kerosene or heating oil and have 2,000 litres or more, then please get in touch with us today! As a nationwide waste oil disposal company, we can come to your site and take away redundant fuels that you no longer require. The recovery of waste fuel oil or surplus fuels is dependent on fuel type and quantity.

Common fuels we collect and dispose of include:

✓ Red diesel
✓ Kerosene
✓ HVO fuel
✓ Diesel
✓ Heating oil
✓ Marine oil

We will also be able to help you dispose of other items and equipment you have on-site, such as:

✓ Oily Rags
✓ Oily Sludge
✓ Interceptor Collections
✓ Gully Sucking
✓ Coolants
✓ Cutting Oils
✓ Transformer Oil, Insulating Oil

A little more about Crown Oil Environmental

Crown Oil Environmental Ltd was born out of our commitment to providing only the best services for our customers. Originally a sidearm of our oil supply business Crown Oil, Environmental Services has become a dedicated part of our business operations with our website offering support and services to business in a more focused way. Our environmental services are intended to help you and your business no matter where you are located in the UK.

From our base in Bury, Greater Manchester and our depots located across the country, getting to you should never be an issue for us. If you’re unsure of access to your area/property and would like to speak with us first, please call us and we’ll let you know if there are any issues.