Welcoming JSM Developments to the Family

Welcoming JSM Developments to the Family

We’re extremely excited to announce the acquisition of JSM Developments, bringing their innovative tank services on board to our offering.

Like ourselves, JSM Developments is a family-run company that offers a complete range of specialised services to maintain and reduce the risks associated with the storage of today’s fuels.

Please note that JSM Developments will continue to operate as normal – their team, including Sean and Jack, have come with the business, so their customers will enjoy the same level of personal service they have grown to expect over the years with JSM Developments.

With JSM Developments on board, you can now look forward to a wider service offering in conjunction with Rafibra ES:

  • Bioethanol fuel storage preparation
  • Bio Bug Buster
  • Ecofilter
  • Water retention valve installations
  • Tank lining (double wall system)

Working with Rafibra ES

To further enhance our services provided, we are proud to work with Rafibra ES. Founded in 1987 by the Martínez Navarrete brothers, Rafribra ES is a global leader in the integral maintenance and atmospheric tank repair sectors.

Who are JSM Developments?

JSM Developments’ goal is to supply specialist engineering services and industry-leading customer service to the petrol forecourt and commercial fuel industry. Their team brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry, including:

  • 40 years of experience
  • TUVNORD approved
  • BSI standards
  • APEA accredited
  • Fully qualified engineers

Tank Lining

Tank lining, also known as a double wall system, involves the construction of a double wall tank inside of an existing tank – prolonging its working lifespan and providing an extra layer of protection against spills and leaks.

During the tank lining process our experts repair and coat fuel storage tanks using fibreglass and polyester resins to reinforce their integrity.

We use the industry’s best and most innovative equipment that can provide the highest technological and quality standards. Plus, thanks to our extensive experience and confined space qualifications, we can provide the best solution for your requirements.

Bio Bug Buster

Over time fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration, oxidation, tank contamination, water and microbes, contributing to reduced quality and the formation of sludge. This ultimately leads to poor pump performance, blocked filters and avoidable unbudgeted costs.

Bio Bug Buster is an industry-leading mobile service programme developed by JSM Developments to cope with modern problems associated with fuel storage and delivery.

Please note: this is only valid on diesel fuel tank cleans.

Remaining fully operational whilst servicing, Bio Bug Buster guarantees and certifies the integrity of your storage tanks and stored fuel, and includes:

  • Tank preparation for E10 and B7 bio-storage
  • Tank clean, de-water and sludge removal in tank and pipework
  • Suitable for diesel and sprit tanks
  • Restores integrity to contaminated fuel stores
  • E10 recovery after water contamination
  • On-site tank and remote pipe analysis
  • Multi-point on-site fuel sampling and analysis pre and post-service
  • Cost-effective tailored maintenance programmes


  • Operational throughout servicing so no downtime
  • Removes the need for expensive tank entry and de-gassing
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces infrastructure costs
  • Extends life of stored fuel
  • Eliminates the need for expensive biocides treatment
  • No costly disposal of contaminated fuel
  • Certificate of work completion


Developed by Refribra, Ecofilter enables diesel and petrol tanks to be degassed without the need to close a forecourt during the process. It’s a unique product on the market that takes advantage of advanced technical innovations in order to carry out the degassing of fuel tanks.

EcoFilter complies with the new ITC-IP04 standard and does not emit VOCs into the atmosphere as it filters them when it removes them from the fuel tank. This eliminates both the risk of environmental contamination and the explosive atmosphere risk by preventing its exit to the exterior and enabling a safe and healthy environment in the work premises.

Keeping a safe environment enables the normal operation of the forecourt without having to perform preventive closures during the stages of degassing and adapting the internal atmosphere of the fuel tanks.


  • The mechanical installation is not dismantled until the tank is at 0% LEL
  • 0% emissions of gases escape to the atmosphere
  • No risk of explosion
  • The service station does not need to close
  • Does not generate losses

Water Retention Valves

A water valve is a device that completely solves the common problem caused by water accidentally filtering inside a storage tank. These small ingresses of water can result from intense rain, among other factors, and cause a huge inconvenience as the complexity of the installation hinders its detection and removal from the fuel tanks and containers.

This water entry solution in fuel tanks really is simple. Our engineers can come to your site and install a water retention valve from Rafibra in your fuel tank’s suction lines, helping to prevent the high-cost implications of fuel contamination.

To learn more about any of the services we provide in conjunction with JSM Developments, call our expert team today on 0330 123 3399.

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