Customer Fuel Nightmares Solved by Crown Oil Environmental

Crown Oil Environmental works with many businesses who have found themselves in nightmare scenarios involving their fuel

We want to help you avoid the bone-chilling problems that we recover every day, so you never have to experience horrifying disruptions to your operations. We have put together some of our customer’s horror stories to make sure their fuel nightmare never becomes your reality.

The nightmare

We received a call from a large building contractor who needed our help after a fuel delivery company had accidentally put kerosene into their road diesel tank. The consequence of putting the wrong fuel in plant machinery can be catastrophic, with tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage at stake.

Kerosene does not work in a diesel engine, which meant that the site was unable to complete works. Even worse, if left untreated, it could have caused the plant machinery to explode. Surprisingly, this is a spookily common mistake.

With the plant machinery defective, significant time was being wasted on site, meaning the building contractor would have been unlikely to meet completion deadlines and completely halting operations.

The solution

Our team of specialists were able to offer a rapid response to arrive on site on the same day to keep business disruption to a minimum.

With a fleet of tankers and engineers on hand, we facilitated a safe and efficient uplift of the kerosene in a time-limited situation.

Once the wrong fuel was safely uplifted, we then cleaned and de-gassed the tank to save it from further damage. The delivery company were then able to put the road diesel into the tank, with operations only delayed for a matter of hours.

The nightmare

When we get the call about a leaking tank we know we have to act fast, because if there’s a delay in service, the business and the environment will be involved in a frightful horror story.

When storing fuel for a long period of time, a fuel tank can deteriorate in quality or become damaged in severe weather conditions or poor storage facilities. As a result, the tank can leak which is not only a significant waste of money, but it is also extremely dangerous and needs immediate treatment.

You have a legal duty to ensure your fuel is stored safely and securely, without posing a risk to the surrounding environment. If fuel pollutes a watercourse, you are committing an offence and as a result, you could be prosecuted and fined. Leaking tanks are a hauntingly common fuel nightmare.

The solution

Made possible by our nationwide coverage, the Crown Oil Environmental Team were able to respond efficiently to prevent the leak damaging the environment by uplifting the fuel into a tanker, installing a temporary fuel tank and then pumping the fuel back in.

A few days later, we were then able to return to the site, uplift the fuel into our tanker, remove the temporary tank and install a new fully compliant 10,000 litre double bunded tank with a 10-year warranty.

If we hadn’t have acted quickly, the damage to the environment would have been significant which would have resulted in huge clean-up costs for the business as well as their reputation badly damaged.

The nightmare

Providing backup power systems for the healthcare industry is a fundamental part of our service here at Crown Oil Environmental. Red diesel is literally the bloodline for hospitals, so when we got a call from the Head of Facilities with concerns about the quality of the fuel stock, we knew we had to respond quickly to fix the problem.

After initially testing the red diesel, we realised the onsite fuel for their generators was contaminated and therefore not fit for purpose. Contaminants such as bacterial microbes and water can grow which will eventually cause its condition to deteriorate and cause generators to malfunction. So if the hospital power was to go down, the backup generators were at risk of failure. This would be catastrophic for a hospital and result in death, worsened injury, loss of medical records, damaged monitors and oxygen pumps and significant financial costs. The hospital’s reputation would have been destroyed and many patients at risk.

The solution

Upon discovery, the environmental team reported their concerns and quickly diverted resources to carry out the procedure. In a time-sensitive organisation like a hospital, contamination is a serious issue that can be disastrous but also avoidable.

Our engineers were able to remove the contaminated fuel, and then clean and de-gas the tank. As our sister company, Crown Oil, is a UK leading supplier of gas oil, we were able to quickly arrange fresh fuel to be pumped into the tank.

After analysing the oil, we were able to pay the hospital a rebate for the old, contaminated fuel as our engineers were able to polish it and recycle it back into the market.

If not detected in time, this would have been catastrophic, not just for the hospital staff but the patients and family too. Our team were not only able to prevent a disaster, but also give some money back to the Head of Facilities.

The nightmare

“Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) failure continues to be the no.1 cause of unplanned data centre outages, accounting for one-quarter of all such events.” (GCN – Technology, Tools and Tactics for Public Sector IT).

Many data centres who rely on fuel to power their operations utilise our Priority Fuel Contract Service. One customer needed to make sure their generators are up and running 24/7, because if power was to fail, the loss of information and data would cost a bone-chilling amount of over £200 million.

Key to keeping the power on is a seamless switchover to the backup generators. Generators use a significant amount of fuel, so making sure their supply is guaranteed is paramount.

The solution

After discussing the requirement of a fuel supplier they could rely on, the customer signed up to our Priority Fuel Contract Service. This gives them peace of mind that no matter what the circumstance, they will never have to wait for a fuel top up. Upon signing up, we entered a contractual agreement that we will always deliver fuel to them within the agreed timescale

This service enables not just this customer, but thousands of businesses across the UK to avoid devastating consequences of fuel shortage.

Crown Environmental are the experts in any fuel crisis, with a team of specialists on hand to assist with any area of your fuel. Whether you’re worried about fuel contamination, require a fuel uplift, need your tank cleaning or would like to sign up to our Priority Fuel Contract Service, we’re here to help.

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