Meeting the environmental needs of your business isn’t just responsible – it’s essential. That’s why we provide a bespoke oil tank telemetry system to help simplify and improve the whole process. Fuel has a shelf life, and when stored for long periods of time, it degrades in quality and becomes contaminated with rust, water and […]

Secure Your Power – Secure Your Data Almost one-quarter of business generator failures are down to contaminated fuel, with IT downtime costing UK businesses around 300,000 hours per year (CA Technologies). Imagine the horror of a power outage in a data centre and the generators not kicking in due to dirty fuel. Without realising it, […]

Recent changes in diesel fuel have resulted in its shelf life decreasing, such as the introduction of bio and modern refining techniques. Consequently, problems like fuel contamination and tank corrosion are more frequent, so the demand for products and services like fuel polishing and tank cleaning has since increased. Steel tanks are commonly used to […]

In 2015, 3 major oil spill clean-ups took place concurrently, one of which lasted for nearly 4000 days. The total spillage for all three sites as a minimum was around 540 tonnes! Even though these spills were at sea and not on land, as the title suggests, it’s evident that no matter how far we’ve […]

As a member of the marketing team here at Crown Oil Environmental, I usually spend my days in the office, coming up with engaging things to talk about. So when I was asked to go and spend the day with our team of expert engineers for better insight into a fuel uplift, I couldn’t wait […]

It’s a cliche used by many people to describe their jobs, but as one of Crown Oil Environmental’s Fuel Engineers Emma will tell you, it’s 100% true, as no two days are ever the same in this industry. Emma’s day started off routinely enough after receiving a request to make the journey to one of […]

How can I Protect my Fuel this Winter?

During the winter months, your fuel supply is more vulnerable than ever. The colder temperatures mean that your fuel is more likely to become contaminated with water or bugs. Here are a few ways in which you can protect your fuel so then it remains in good condition throughout the winter season. Check your fuel […]

Hospital Emergency Backup Power Systems

Here at Crown Environmental, our customers don’t just live in the construction, agricultural and marine industries. Pretty much every business you can think of is powered by fuel. And the healthcare industry is no exception. Providing emergency backup power systems for hospitals is one of the most important things we do here at Crown Environmental. […]

Our everyday actions – at home and at work – consume energy and produce inevitable carbon emissions. No matter how hard we try, no business can function without a carbon footprint. After all, it’s taken several hundred years of industrial revolution to get to where we are today, so we can’t exactly shift human nature […]