These days, it feels like it’s impossible for a day to go by without someone warning you about the consequences of climate change. Here’s the scary thing though – the concern is absolutely warranted. As temperatures begin to rise year on year, our planet’s delicate ecosystem runs the risk of becoming even more unstable. But warmer […]

Why it’s smart to keep a clean fuel tank

Does your fuel supply system have a perfectly clean tank? Unless you’re taking active measures to monitor and maintain the quality of your fuel supply system, it’s likely that it’s already on the way to becoming clogged with potentially harmful sediment. If you want to secure the reliability of your fuel supply, it’s time to […]

Tank sludge is one of the more common problems oil tank owners have to deal with. If it is not caught and treated soon, then it can cause serious problems for you and your fuel supply. Due to the damage it can do, it is important that you get sludge treatment or sludge removal service […]

New Standards For Fuel Cleanliness

In response to concerns about fuel cleanliness, the British Standards Institute (BSI) have now released an updated version of their BS 5410 code of practice. This standard covers the use of oil in generators, tanks, and boilers used for space heating, hot water, and steam generation. Why Have These Changes Been Made? These changes have […]

Waste Oil Removal and Waste Oil Recycling If you have oil on your site that you want to dispose of, then you should always get in touch with waste oil removal and recycling experts. After all, getting in touch with oil recycling experts is a considerably better option than allowing your waste fuel to sit unused […]

How Can I Protect My Fuel This Winter?

With the Winter months starting to set in, your fuel supply is more vulnerable than ever. The colder temperatures mean that your fuel is more likely to become contaminated with water or bugs. Here are a few ways in which you can protect your fuel so then it remains in good condition throughout the Winter […]

Finding Fuel Contamination Symptoms While you may get your diesel tank checked by specialists on a regular basis, it’s still important that you know the fuel contamination symptoms. While annual checks are more than capable of keeping your fuel in good condition, you never know when a potential problem may arise. After all, the last […]

Earth Hour celebrated around the UK

Lights Out around the UK (Source: WWF, UK ) On Saturday 19th March 2016, a celebration took place around the world where people turned off all their light switches for a whole hour in order to support the environment and care about our planet. Set up by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the first […]

A Winter Fuel Check

Is contaminated diesel bugging you? Every year, hundreds of top-spec machines and expensive pieces of equipment are damaged by something that can only be seen under a microscope. It’s incredible to think that a machine can be destroyed so easily by something so small and insignificant. But, a few simple checks, carried out on a […]

5 Of The World’s Worst Dumping Grounds

As a company which offers environmental services, we come across ‘waste’ on a regular basis, but the stuff we usually deal with is generally waste oils and fuels. In the western world, when we think of waste we typically think of household rubbish and recycling centres where potential rubbish can be reused for new things. […]