Why it’s Smart to Keep a Clean Fuel Tank

Does your fuel supply system have a perfectly clean tank?

Unless you’re taking active measures to monitor and maintain the quality of your fuel supply system, it’s likely that it’s already on the way to becoming clogged with potentially harmful sediment.

If you want to secure the reliability of your fuel supply, it’s time to consider implementing some planned preventative fuel cleaning measures.

What’s so important about your fuel tank?

Your fuel tank does a lot more than provide a space to store your fuel.

A fuel tank also allows sediment and water to separate from the fuel and settle at the bottom, ensuring harmful contaminants don’t enter the more sensitive components of your fuel system.

So sludge buildup is normal?

In small amounts, yes. There’s no filter in the world that can remove 100% of contaminants, so sludge build-up is always going to exist to some degree.

However, if left unchecked, this sediment and water build-up can reach critical levels. With water providing the environmental conditions for bacteria to grow, the sediment level will increase at an even more alarming rate.

The effect is exponential – the more sludge there is, the faster it accumulates. Eventually, this harmful, out-of-control sediment build-up will become inseparable from the fuel.

Now you’ve got a problem…

Once the fuel itself has become heavily contaminated with sediment from the sludge layer, it’s bad news for your fuel supply system. Here’s how:

Short-term – The dirtier your fuel, the less efficient it will be to use. This means you’ll be using more fuel whilst releasing even more harmful emissions from burning non-combustible sediments.

Long-term – You’ll be causing irreparable damage to the components of your fuel pump system. The more you allow harmful sediment to flow through your fuel supply, the more you’re reducing its reliability and ultimately, its lifespan.

The dirtier your fuel tank gets, the more likely it becomes that you’ll experience a fuel supply failure.

The bottom line is – Look after your fuel.

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