5 Worst Case Scenario Consequences of Climate Change

These days, it feels like it’s impossible for a day to go by without someone warning you about the consequences of climate change.

Here’s the scary thing though – the concern is absolutely warranted. As temperatures begin to rise year on year, our planet’s delicate ecosystem runs the risk of becoming even more unstable.

But warmer weather doesn’t sound so bad, right?

If only. The serious consequences of climate change are something to worry about. Don’t believe us? Here are the five worst:

Hurricanes will get even stronger

Hurricanes form over warm areas of the ocean along the equator; the warmer the ocean is, the more intense the storm gets.

The temperature of the ocean has increased by 1-3 degrees (F) over the last half-century.

This may not sound like much in summer holiday terms, but when translated into a hurricane, it’s fuel for disaster.

Don’t take our word for it. Many leading scientists agree that the recent Hurricanes Irma and Harvey were made significantly more disastrous as a result of this phenomenon.

Scary, huh?

Land will disappear

It might sound a little obvious, but when sea levels rise, land disappears. But how severe is the threat to coastal areas?

Well – for low-lying places such as the Maldives, Fiji and the Marshall Islands (just to name a few!), it’s sadly already too late to prevent their eventual disappearance. People will lose their homes, and mass immigration will become the new normal – and there’s no guarantee that the remaining land will be able to handle that gracefully.

Still don’t think we need to take environmental responsibility? Well, read on.

Devastating droughts

As the world warms up, it’s likely that wet areas will experience increased rainfall, whilst dry areas will dry up even further.

For example; Southern Africa, the Sahel region of Africa, southern Asia, the Mediterranean, and the U.S. Southwest are getting drier and drier.

But this won’t just affect the people that live in those regions. Just picture trying to run a farm without any water, and you’ll realise how droughts are something we should ALL be worried about.

Entire species will disappear

As climate change radically alters the environmental conditions on earth, entire species of wildlife will be put at risk.

Sea turtles, Adelie penguins and ringed seals are a few of the many species at risk of total elimination by climate change.

There are 700 species at risk in total. 701, if you count us.

Severe heatwaves

It is predicted that 48% of the world’s population will be in danger as a direct result of deadly heatwaves by 2100 if the current rises in carbon emissions continue.

48%.┬áThat’s nearly over 3.7 billion people at risk of overheating and perishing in terrible conditions.

In other words, the time to take responsibility for the environment is now.

Of course, we’re not saying it’s time to go off the grid and set up camp in a cave somewhere.

But if you’re a business owner, we are saying that you might want to consider using some of the services we provide to help you take environmental responsibility for your own fuel usage.

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